Pleasant Potatoes vs Yams

What’s the distinction in between wonderful potatoes as well as yams? Though in America both terms are typically utilized mutually, yams as well as wonderful potatoes are not the very same point. They aren’t also from the very same household. Pleasant potatoes are typically called yams, yet both veggies are extremely various. It is feasible that you’ve never ever seen or tasted an actual yam!

As a self-proclaimed wonderful potato lover I will certainly aid get rid of the complication you might have regarding wonderful potatoes vs. yams. Maintain analysis!

Are Yams as well as Dessert Potatoes The Exact Same?

No, they are 2 extremely various veggies.


Real yams are edible bulbs discovered in Africa as well as Asia from the dioscorea category of blooming plants. They are frequently utilized in African, Latin American as well as Caribbean recipes. In West Africa they are a food staple like cassava/yuca as well as plantain. You might see them at the marketplace classified the African word Nyami or Namé.

Yams have thick harsh bark-like brownish skin as well as white or yellow-ish flesh. They are starchy when prepared, as well as have a moderate taste. Yams expand a lot bigger than wonderful potatoes. In African as well as Caribbean food preparation yams are utilized in mouthwatering recipes like yam pepper soup as well as battered yam.

Pleasant potatoes

Pleasant potatoes are origin veggies, not bulbs. A bulb is a thick stem of a plant, not the origin. Pleasant potatoes are the real origin of the plant, thick as well as scrumptious as they might be. Pleasant potatoes are belonging to main or South America, as well as come from the early morning magnificence household.

Unlike yams, wonderful potatoes have smooth skin, which depending upon the range can be orange, grey, and even purple. Pleasant potatoes have flesh that tastes sweeter than yams. Relying on the range wonderful potato flesh can be white, orange, and even brilliant purple. There are many various selections of wonderful potatoes: some are starchier as well as sweeter than others. Extra on the various selections listed below. Pleasant potatoes are utilized in both mouthwatering recipes as well as treats.

Which is extra nourishing?

Pleasant potatoes as well as yams are both wonderful resources of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, as well as intricate carbs. Pleasant potatoes have extra vitamin C, as well as extra beta-carotene than real yams. Yams flaunt greater degrees of copper.

Both are nourishing starchy veggies, as well as ought to be delighted in as component of a well balanced plant-based diet regimen.

Why are Sugary food Potatoes called Yams?

In U.S. food store you’ll frequently locate orange wonderful potatoes called yams. You might also describe them as yams on your own. Candied yams, anybody? I’ve listened to 2 tales regarding why wonderful potatoes are called “yams”.

Throughout enslavement, confined Africans described the brand-new wonderful potatoes as “yams” due to the fact that it advised them of the African yams they utilized to consume. The name stuck, as well as Americans remained to call wonderful potatoes yams.

I have likewise check out that when the orange fleshed wonderful potato was presented, wonderful potato cultivators called them “yams” to differentiate from the extra frequently utilized (during that time) white fleshed wonderful potatoes. I’ve also check out that it was just a means for one state’s wonderful potato cultivators to distinguish their similar plant from the others.

Secret Distinctions In Between Dessert Potatoes & Yams

Dessert Potatoes

Smooth skin

White, orange, or purple flesh

Typically discovered in American food store

Pleasant flesh

Made use of in southerly American food preparation

Expanded in the southerly USA


Harsh bark-like skin

White or yellow-ish flesh

Light taste, not wonderful

Expand a lot bigger than wonderful potatoes

Found at African as well as Caribbean food store

Expanded in exotic environments

Made Use Of in African as well as Caribbean food

Both are Easy to Prepare

Sugary food Potatoes as well as real yams are both surprisingly simple to prepare, they just call for time. Yams are generally steamed or prepared in stews. Pleasant potatoes can conveniently be baked, fit to be tied, steamed, microwaved oven, air fryer, or steamed in an Immediate Pot. Relying on the dish as well as just how you’ll consume it, you can prepare it entire or suffice right into your wanted dimension. Sufficing up will certainly lower the cooking time as well as obtain you to the table quicker. Constantly inspect the inflammation of your wonderful potato with a fork. The fork will certainly move right with when totally prepared.

Sorts Of Dessert Potatoes

You will certainly be difficult pushed to locate yams at your neighborhood mainstream food store if you stay in the United States. When you do locate them, the shop might just lug one range. Nevertheless, you will likely stumble upon several selections of wonderful potatoes, all scrumptious. Below are one of the most usual:

Gem: lighter orange skin as well as flesh. High wetness material.

Garnet: darker orange to red skin, as well as orange flesh. High wetness material.

Beauregard: Most usual in United States shops. Darker orange skins as well as flesh. Starchier yet still damp.

Eastern or Caribbean: Purple skins as well as yellowish-white flesh. Really starchy as well as wonderful.

Okinawan: Grey darker skin as well as brilliant purple flesh. Starchy as well as extremely wonderful. Likewise called purple yams.

Feeds: Purple skin as well as purple flesh. A rather brand-new range.

The Most Effective Pleasant Potato Recipes

Pleasant potatoes are not simply for Thanksgiving. Pleasant Potato Covered dish covered with marshmallows behaves, yet there are many even more methods to appreciate this terrific origin vegetable! I’ve developed several wonderful as well as mouthwatering dishes making use of wonderful potatoes. These are some preferred dishes of mine from for many years. Much more in my recipe book, Sugary food Potato Spirit!

Dessert Potato Biscuits

Dessert Potato Pie

Filled Dessert Potato French Fries

Dessert Potato Hummus

Dessert Potato Granola

West African Peanut Stew

Red Lentil Dessert Potato Curry

Maple Mustard Tempeh Dish with Roasted Dessert Potatoes

Dessert Potato Bisque

Black Eyed Pea Dessert Potato Curry

Yam Recipes

While I don’t have any type of yam dishes myself, there are lots of scrumptious vegan yam dishes available. I’ve detailed a couple of listed below.

Battered yam with Egusi stew (

African Yam Stew (

Thai Yam Salad (

Jamaican Yam Mash (

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